Promoting Wellness
and Enabling Learning

Children come to school with a variety of health conditions. These can vary from moderate health issues to multiple severe chronic health illnesses, all of which can have a profound and direct impact on their ability to learn. 

The school nurses at Action Supportive Care Services in Citrus Heights, CA, provide medically necessary services in the school setting to improve health outcomes and promote academic achievement for students. ASCS's goal is to promote a comprehensive and cost-effective health care delivery model that integrates schools, families, providers, and communities.

School Nursing Services

Our services are available for students in preschool all the way up through their transition into adulthood. We can coordinate nursing care for an entire school district, one single school, or on an individual student level. We are here to ensure students receive as much or as little care as they require in order to achieve the quality educational learning experience they deserve. 

  • Child accompaniment on the bus to and from school
  • One-on-one nursing service throughout the school day, including:
    • Administering medications and other required treatments
    • Tracheostomy and ventilator care
    • Any medical care ordered by a physician
  • Assistance with classroom activities as appropriate 
  • Collaborating with school staff and faculty to support the child's IEP
  • Accompanying the child on class trips outside of the school
  • School nurse substitution

Areas Serviced:

Areas Services

Benefits for Students

Our pediatric school nurses provide comprehensive school nursing services consistent with the individualized health care plan for students. This focus allows each child to participate in learning and classroom activities without limitations or medical absences from school.

Services from ASCS ensure that there is adequate communication and collaboration among the family, physicians, and providers to keep children safe and healthy while away from home.

Whether students have injuries, acute illnesses, or need long-term management with special health care needs, our nurses provide compassionate and reliable care that families and school administration can feel good about.

We streamline coordination of care and services for students with severe complex medical needs who may also have nursing support at home through Always Home Nursing or may attend a My Friends Pediatric day healthcare center.


Medi-Cal Reimbursement and Direct Services

A recent National Association of School Nurses study showed that many school administrators may not realize that they can be reimbursed for certain medi-cal eligible nursing services that they provide.

As budgets tighten and new reimbursement models arise, developing new, innovative health financing opportunities will help to increase access, improve quality, and reduce costs. ASCS is able to assist schools in implementing and sustaining this procedure.

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